Sheikah Slate Tutorial

Hello! This tutorial will show how to make a Sheikah Slate from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It allows you to put your phone in it and take selfies and front photos!

For making the prop, you will need:

  • drawing paper or cardboard
  • a pencil
  • EVA foam
  • craft foam
  • worbla
  • a phone case (you can pick a cheap one - it will be permanently set to the prop)
  • an X-acto knife (with a cutting mattress preferably)
  • a dremel
  • a heat gun
  • sandpaper
  • gesso (as primer)
  • brushes
  • paint (for all colors shown in the photos above)
  • Mod Podge (as coater)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • a phone (the images in this tutorial are optimized for an iPhone 6s phone)


The first thing you will need is a pattern for both sides of the Sheikah Slate. Using a pencil, trace the pattern onto the drawing paper like this:



>Warning: the Sheikah Slate shown on the patterns above is slightly less large than those other cosplayers are wearing. It is because I adjusted the dimensions against the side plates of the hip armor from my Desert Voe Link cosplay. You can find a full tutorial for the hip armor pieces on my cosplay page GDICommander.

>Note: On the inside pattern, I have modeled the circled shapes separately and not on the pattern since they will be put down on the Sheikah Slate.

Once the patterns are made, it is time to transfer them each individually on EVA foam using your X-acto knife:


Please note that the bottom right circle on the detailed line will be a hole for the iPhone 6s camera. If the camera lens is somewhere else on your phone, you might need to adjust the design to elegantly move the hole somewhere else. If it’s too complicated or impossible, you could also choose to not use the front camera and only use the selfie camera.

The same thing must be done for the inside pattern:


If you choose to put your phone, you will need to cut a hole in the EVA foam using the dimensions of the case + the phone in it.:

Once both EVA foam pieces will be ready, they will be glued together using Gorilla Glue and they will form most of the Sheikah Slate’s thickness. When the EVA foam pieces are assembled, you can then glue the phone case on the Sheikah Slate. You will then be able to insert your phone in it.

>Tip: you might need a tool to remove the phone from the glued case. Use a flat piece like a sculpting tool.

At this step, you should test that the hole for the front camera is wide enough for taking front pictures:


You might find out that adjustments are required for the hole:



Tip: if you need to widen the hole, you could use a dremel with the cylindric sanding head. You can use the same technique to smoothen the middle hole at the bottom of the Sheikah Slate.



Once the camera hole is secured, it is time to do the details on the visible (exposed) side of the Sheikah Slate. To perform this, let’s cut the parts on the pattern that will be elevated a little bit:




Then, let’s apply these layers using craft foam on our piece:



Let’s do the same thing for the other side of the Sheikah Slate:



Then, once all sides of the foam piece are smooth, it is time to apply worbla on the whole piece. Use a heat gun to make your worbla sheets malleable, then apply them on the Sheikah Slate:



>Tip: using a sculpting tool to push the hot worbla into all cracks and against the borders to make sure all delimitations are clearly visible.

Let’s do the same for the inside part of the Sheikah Slate:



Once the worbla is correctly applied, has cooled off and is smooth everywhere (use a dremel’s sanding head for this if needed), it is time to print the Sheikah Slate surface with gesso.



Apply a gesso layer, let it dry, then use sanding paper to sand. Repeat this process until the surface is fully smooth. You will need to do it one side at a time.

Then, the fun part! It is time to paint the Sheikah Slate:






After priming with Mod Podge, here is the final result!



What’s left is to do the handle. I decided to use craft foam on which all the details would be painted.



Then, it is glued on itself tightly around the Sheikah Slate handle to form the desired effect. You can use Gorilla Glue for this step.

For the inside section, this is how it looks like:



That concludes the Sheikah Slate tutorial! If you want to see other tutorials, including those for my Desert Voe Link cosplay, the project that made me built the Sheikah Slate, go visit the notes section of my cosplay GDICommander! Happy crafting!